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About Jeroboams

Jeroboams shops are situated in the heart of their local communities. Wines and spirits form the core of our business but if you would like fine cheeses and meats, catering for your cocktail party or a private London cellar for an event or class, then we will be very happy to oblige.

We believe that personal service and advice are essential to ensure a customer’s satisfaction with his or her wine purchase. The staff in our shops are trained to listen first and then advise, they will have personally tasted many of the wines on the shelf, or certainly know of someone in the company who has. Your taste is your taste and we will definitely have the wine you are after, either in the shop or available to order via our buying or fine wine teams at Head Office. Whether you want to buy a bottle to accompany your evening meal, send a gift, lay down a few cases of fine Bordeaux or Burgundy or other wines from the great regions of the world, we will be able to help. We can deliver wine immediately after you order to any location, by bicycle or on foot if you are near our shops, and if you prefer we can store it until you are ready to drink it, or perhaps sell it on.

A Brief History

(we will keep it concise as we know you are more interested in how we can help you than us telling our life story!)

Jeroboams, a privately owned Group, looks after private and trade customers, the latter under the name Laytons. Laytons was a company founded ‘by restaurateurs for restaurants’ in 1934 and now offers wine advice and supply to corporations, clubs and restaurants, both large and small. Jeroboams, set up by its current owner in 1985, is the name above the door of our shops and, supported by the team at Head Office and our catering arm at Mr Christian’s, provides the full range of wine services to the private customer. In 2007 Jeroboams and Laytons merged together to create the Jeroboams Group.